Contracting Entity: Office of the Republic of Serbia for "EXPO 2025 OSAKA",

Address: Site No. 41, Yumeshima Naka 1-chome Jisaki, Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan


Deadline for submitting tenders: ____07.05.2024. by 15.00 Osaka (Japan) time

Description of the given procurement: Works supervision services for the Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia for "Expo 2025 Osaka”


The estimated value of the procurement is 540.000,00 EURO with Japanese VAT.

The tenderer shall have the option of submitting a tender in euros or Japanese yen.

The tender shall be submitted in English.

The Contract shall be concluded until all contractual obligations have been fulfilled, for a maximum of 18 working months.

The Service Provider shall be obliged to prepare and submit Works Supervision Execution Plan which will demonstrate methodology for checking fulfilment of technical conditions and standards

that apply to this type of work.



  • Start of the project from May 15th 2024
  • Building permit approvals and start of construction before end of July 2024
  • Complete construction and visitors experience by end of March 2025, not later than 10 days before starting of the Expo 2025 event
  • Dismantling not later than April 13th 2026

An integral part of this Call shall be the technical specification and accompanying documents.


Project Overview:

The Serbian Pavilion at Osaka Expo 2025 project is type A (self-built pavilion) positioned at the western entrance at the Expo site on plot area of 928.35m2. The designed pavilion building is 2 Floors high (G+1F according to European standards or 2F according Japanese standards) with total area of 828m2 (or 1314m2 including the roof area), each floor with max. 5m height, and peak at  max.11.2m

The design of Serbian Pavilion shall be made in accordance with design guideline provided by the Osaka Expo committee following both functional and aesthetic agenda under the theme of EXPO2025 "Designing future society of our lives". The design narrative of Serbian pavilion blends with the theme of the upcoming Expo in Belgrade 2027 "Play for humanity", and adds thematic design elements through landscape and architectural expression.

The tender form should be completed and signed by the authorised person. Please submit the form electronically to the following E-mail address: zarko.malinovic@must.gov.rs no later than 07.05.2024. until 3 (three) p.m. Osaka, Japan time.